Yala is a fitness

 	Yala promises better than

Weight loss, lean muscle, stronger core, increased strength and energy levels are all healthy by-products, not the driver of the Yala approach.

The outcome is this: Yala makes people “Happy.”

They leave feeling lighter, walking taller, thinking more clearly, reacting to things more positively, moving through their day more energetically and purposefully … creating what we call mindful living.

So, how does Yala do that? It’s the intangible combination of science, choreography, music and the unique charismatic energy of Yala’s creator, Laurent.

The Science of Yala

At its core, Yala is rooted in science and athleticism. Yala is an intense workout that works the body in the 3 planes, incorporating all elements of strength, cardio, core and plyometrics. A single Yala workout has been documented to burn between 800-1200 calories.

The Choreography of Yala

To structure the science, Yala is designed as a Choreographed Athletic Sequencing Technique [CAST]. Each workout consists of 12 songs and a combination of 12 signature Yala athletic drills which are allocated throughout the workout. As such, each song, which includes several of those drills, is a complete workout in and of itself, targeting multiple muscle groups: body prepping, ascending up to a fat burning and muscle toning zone through multiple peaks and valleys, then descend before beginning the next set. Though the song changes and the exact moves vary, this cycle then repeats song after song until the entire workout is complete.

Yala Sequencing

The Sequencing Technique is the key to the organization, and thus the success, of these drills. The order of the drills is equally as important as the drills themselves. Yala works first to tire out dominant muscles, allowing supporting muscles to engage and increase fat loss. This results in a more athletic body less prone to injury and more efficient. The Sequencing Technique is smart and effective in that by simply reorganizing the drills, each workout feels fresh and new to the body, no matter how many times you do it.


The characteristic flavor of Yala is driven by Laurent’s ethnic French Moroccan background. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, he enjoys international music which influences the eclectic Yala playlist. The international music he artfully selects-- Mediterranean, French, Latin, and popular music— engages the mind and soul while the body is hard at work.

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